Taste of Nature

Forty-two years had passed since the last time the Metropolitan Manila experienced a 24-hour rainfall of 334 millimeters (mm). Saturday, September 27th, Tropical storm "Ondoy" (International name: Ketsana) slammed on-ground Philippines and brought rains of 341 mm equivalent to a month's worth of rainfall. This broke the record in June 1967 according to the Philippines' weather forecasting bureau.

I focused less about the weather the other day thinking it's just one of the heavy rains we are experiencing


I was browsing thru the status of my friends on facebook the other day just to have some tiny insy bit updates of their whereabouts when I stumble upon Jill's. She posted this link from youtube.com about an amazing story of a lion, a TRUE story. Sooooo, I checked and....I guess you probably knew what happened next - - - to ME - - -'cause am sure, 100% sure that it will have the same effect on you.

EC Error

I admit it's been three months since the last time I checked on my EC Drops Inbox and some of the paid ads were also left unattended. I checked on my EC account two days ago, did some EC drops as well as approved some paid ads but when I checked on my site, the paid ads won't display. It always gives me this notification whenever I logged in and have my site checked:

Our automatic widget scanner can't find any sign of the Entrecard widget on your website. To put the widget on, go to Get Code and put your choice of widget in your blog sidebar. Check my page now.

What could have been the prob? Am worried about the people who paid for their ads and I wasn't able to post it on my page or rather display. To all, am really sorry. I will try my best to really find the solution for this. Please bear with me.

The Reason

Yes, been sentenced "Guilty" beyond reasonable doubt three months ago and 'tis only now that am given the chance to explain my side, to tell the story behind my action of silence for a long time. While in prison, I did a lot of thinking that maybe I should start talking else be silenced for the rest of my remaining days. The truth above all other things, and as what I have posted on my previous post, I have lots of stories to tell, ideas and every other details of my so-called life. But then was distracted. It's like saying that I was on my way home when I met an accident and instead of being able to extend my presents to my mom, I wasn't able to do so since I was brought in the hospital. Diverted, others may suggest. My interest was diverted or rather something that had happened along the way has stolen my time instead of updating my post here.

Okay enough of the "try to read between the line stuff" and just hit the button and get to the bottom line of this. Lols! Carried away, eh? Now am having butterflies in my stomach that you might really think I was imprisoned. ^_^ Anyway, the main reason why my shadow isn't visible around the blogging world is that "I do some Role Playing"