Kleinfelter's Adventure

When I was still in High School, my friends and I used to hang out almost every weekend. We used to travel a lot also 'coz most of us were part of the Cultural Troupe and other organizations in school. Every summer, the Kleinfelter's Family [the name we called our group, kleinfelter, is a common misspelling of the original syndrome called the klinefelter syndrome, a type of genetic disorder in the male chromosomal condition, having an extra X chromosome instead of the XY chromosome], wait...enough of the discussion of klinefelter syndrome. Kinda forgot, I am blogging here about our group not the syndrome...Anyway, if you're going to ask why we named our group after that, well, actually i don't know. Maybe I have to ask our group if we're going to have reunion.

One and a Half Hour

One thing I have learned in my present relationship is, having some "Time" for each other, despite of the busy schedules we have. We may not have all the time in the world but being with him for an hour or less means a lot already. We've been together for almost five years, although we do not have a perfect relationship, we see to it that we will always have time for each other.

Last Sunday, after we had our Bowling Championship game, I asked him if I could drive us home. [sshhh..actually I don't have any license...yet] He let me to but only if I will not go beyond 60. I was enjoying the ride then and so instead of turning left to our street,

Finding the Balance

Is your life too busy? Does it seem you've got too much to do yet too little time to accomplish it? In your daily life, do you rely more on God's grace or on your own? If we are honest, we would probably agree that we tend to emphasize more on our own self than that of God's grace.

As individuals, we are loaded with so many things in mind: work, household chores, projects, sports, concerns and anxieties, etc. There's no room for rest nor space for family and personal time. We often put more trust in what we can do than in what God can do for us. In Christian life, we need to seek balance between God's work and our work. In our own limited resources, we cannot save ourselves. We need to rely our concerns to God, acknowledging the sufficiency of His grace. God longs for His people to seek His grace, not only when in crisis, but on a regular, daily basis. In doing so, we can avoid the tendency of regretting the choices we are making in our own efforts at the present.

Site that Last....

Ever become so bored of the usual yearbook you're having at the end of your years in school? Well, not anymore--- 'cause E-yearbook was already made available in the net. But have you noticed that there's still this itsy-bitsy teeny weeny missing piece? A typical yearbook, whether it be the old hard copy or advanced (e-yearbook) , is a book to highlight, commemorate the past years or memories in school which includes pictures, autographs, field of interests, etc. of students. It is given or rather distributed at the end of the year for students can have it signed for personal messages from their classmates and teachers as well. But isn't it so limited? I mean the pictures, messages and other stuffs? Okay, let me put it this way, of course you have what you think all the information you needed for your classmates and friends, but do you know all the students that's in there? Or is your data updated? Of what is really going on in real life? Let's face it, the answer would be a big "NO". Hmmm...I guess by now you'd already have an idea that I'm up to something. Well, hell YEAH!

Being Tested

For years, I kept on asking myself why my hopes and dreams are not being answered or should I say granted. I always wonder why my friends always get what they want in life. What's missing in me? Why can't I have the things I long to? Am I not praying that hard? Is my prayer too soft that He can't hear me? Where is then my focus in prayer?

A lot of you may have the same situation as I do. When things go wrong in our lives, we tend to lose our focus. When we don't get what we want, we start questioning God's existence. We easily lose our faith- in hoping that maybe it's not yet the right time for us to have such things we asked from Him. We often compare our lives to others and accuse God for being not fair. Really? Do we have to?

Let me share with you this simple message from, [listen to your heart]-- it may help you reflect a little bit.

If I answer your prayer at once,
It is because I am testing your FAITH...

If I do not answer your prayer at once,
It is because I am testing your PATIENCE...

If I do not answer your prayer
It is because I have a BETTER PLAN for you...


Well, my friend...HOLD ON TO THAT FAITH
You are just being tested by GOD...