Lent: Cross, an accepted suffering

Another year had passed since the last time I've shared my own personal "Lenten" reflection on this site. Too many events had happened in between --- death of my father-in-law, cancellation of wedding reservations, re-assessing and re-booking, job transfer of my husband, government issues, calamities and there also, our wedding but that was just the outer part of it,  mainly the preface if we are to compare it with a book.  In fact, 'tis just a tiny dot, visible only thru what scientist calls a microscope.What covers a vast or large area in one's life is the experience, how this certain event has molded us, has re-formed us. Did we ever stop and for a moment reflected upon these events? Or even ask ourselves as to why and what's the purpose of it?

Immortal Specie

Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish,

 a certain specie of Jellyfish belonging to the phylum Cnidaria and the class Hydrozoa, believed to be the only animal that has fully discovered the fountain of youth - reverting back to its polyp stage after becoming mature.

Photo Credit: Peter Schuchert