Why Worry?

Worrier? Do you worry almost everything that's happening in your life? I do…

Worry is an emotion, a troubled state of mind, wherein a person is anxious about certain thing or event that might happen in the future. In reality, worry is a form of incessant FEAR, not caused by some physical outside influence but is embedded, real or imaginary, deep within the mind and never ceases, according to Lee E. Warren, D.D (© Power Latent in Man 1998).

Human as we are, worrying is inevitable. I do worry a lot also. I worry about my past and present life, my life in the future, my hopes and my dreams, my actions, my chosen path, everything. If I chose to stay in the shell today, what will be its effect tomorrow or in the future? But why do we worry? Why is it so hard to handle issues in life? The answer is easy, we just need to examine ourselves, look within our lives, feel that comforting words in our hearts saying, "Have Faith."

A Place we call.....Paradise

Some places speaks distinctly.

I never had a desire so strong for nature before, until 'He' whispered to my ears - 'I have something to show you' and brought me to one of the finest beauty of nature, a place I never thought I would come across to, a Lake.

The sweet breeze of welcoming made me feel the joy of my existence.
While standing at the corner, a tree on the other side of the lake caught our attention. It's as if hypnotizing us, drawing us closer...wanting us to admire its beauty- the leaping spirit of one of its branches on the left wing that is about to fall. Never will I forget that image....ooohhh, if only we brought camera that time. I was thankful that 'He' led me to that place, a place we both called Paradise. It gave me a quick glance of what our earthly happiness is composed of. Truly, there is nothing in the world more enchanting than the hidden mysteries of nature.
Any man that walks the mead
In bud, or blade, or bloom, may find
A meaning suited to his mind.
~Alfred Tennyson~