I Forbid You....


Leaving you a note.

Event III of this short story has been long overdue. Because of my hectic schedules over the last minute preparation of our wedding, I have to temporarily stop my writing on this one. Been spending hours every night thinking 'bout the next scene and although I already have the draft, still it was not well-presented. I'm crossing my fingers that I will be able to continue this early next year. And since I haven't got any positive response yet on the first two events, pretty sure delaying the third event won't be that much of effect.

Early Happy Holiday greetings to all!!!

A Bit Disappointed

The most awaited sequel of Twilight Saga after its first hit last 2008. The one movie that left me hanging-by-a-moment, wanting my own Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson, "Harry Potter") to appear before my very life and hold me as his captive. I know I haven't made a review on the first release of Stephenie Meyer's novel, "Twilight" though the movie gave me an endless nights of 'wishing upon the stars' to turn my partner into a vampire. Like any other ordinary gal, I am one of those whose hearts wilts at the mention of the word vampire and would willingly surrender one's life in cravings for that fatal bite. Odd as it may seem but that's how fanatic I am.

Twilight, the first released series did turned out in blockbuster legions. To be honest, at first I pay less attention to it. IT DID NOT....really draw me some interest NOT UNTIL