She's the MOM! Ta-Da!!!

We had our Lenten Recollection last night and this video was presented for us to reflect - most especially dedicated to parents. While watching it, my mouth was wide open in shock and I kept on shaking my head. Why? I can't picture or rather chose not to picture myself being her daughter at all. She's tough and wow, am actually out of words to describe her, she's actually the kind of mom who will never listen to reasons other than hers. However, if you will try to look deeper, you would say that she's somehow right on how she discipline her children but then again, you would never wish your mom to be like her. Ah, not at all! I'll bet my house on it....lols...

(but I would still suggest that you use your heart in watching the video and you will see the message)
To all the moms, let your children feel pain and learn by themselves.

Are you being HONEST?

My first ever award! This was given by Aenid of Sweet Nothings
last two or three weeks ago...
I'm sorry for the delay but I guess this is the perfect time to show it off....

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Hum me a Lullaby...

Whoa! It's been week or so, I haven't got to sleep well. My mind has been traveling a lot to outer space or rather to fantasy world, I most likely have unknowingly created. I might start living as the others, "Night Walkers", in due time if this sort of things will not cease.

Many of us are familiar with this kind of situation, referred as Insomnia, a condition in which a certain individual have trouble sleeping or staying asleep. It can range from mild to severe, depending on how long one is experiencing it. Long-lasting emotional stress, medicines, work habits, substances such as caffeine often times are the main cause of the disorder. Of which I certainly